thredUP Airs Out Your Laundry

ThredUP is an online clothing resale service that takes in your used or new clothing and gives them a new life. They decide which clothes can resell and you decide whether or not you want to donate the rest. This initiative is important because fast fashion is one of the leading causes of pollution in the world. We have all given into buying something brand new because, well, capitalism, consumerism, or convenience… but have you ever thought about the consequences of this buying culture?

Throughout the life of a garment, it can generate several hundred pounds of both wastewater and carbon emissions. So thredUP created this Fashion Footprint Calculator to determine how your fashion habits are affecting the environment. It includes questions like how often you purchase or thrift, how many loads you wash a month, and how much you dry air or machine dry your laundry.

Check out this infographic thredUP provides upon completion of the calculator:

To be successful at eliminating textile waste, we need to take a look at our trash output. In New York City alone, textiles make up about 220,000 pounds of trash every year. We can attack this at the root by either finding eco-friendly alternatives (thrifting) or consuming less when possible (minimizing). That’s why you should use this calculator—to understand how your habits are affecting the natural world.

Sidenote: I always feel guilty about getting rid of clothes but there are a couple of things I consider that you can too. Become an intentional shopper moving forward. Be more conscious about what you purchase and you will eliminate creating unwanted items. Try to carry out a minimalist lifestyle so you’d want less items in the first place. Ultimately, resist the urge to buy unnecessary items.

Click here to use the Fashion Footprint Calculator and assess your fashion habits now.

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